Aisthorpe is a fictitious location somehwere in the East of England and the period is 1940-1960 so a variety of stock can be run.


All buildings and other scenic parts have been scratch built from commonly available items such as cereal boxes and wire for tress etc. The station building is based on the GNR building originally at Heckington in Lincolnshire. The coaling drop is based on original drawings for beamish in County Durham.


All point work is hand built and the main track is Peco flexi-track. Aisthorpe is run as an end to end layout with a hidden fiddle yard at one end.


We run local suburban passenger services and also goods trains with box vans for the goods shed and coal wagons for the coaling drop.


Size: 6400mm x 760mm        Period: 1940-1960.


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