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The layout is only 4ft x 18in and demonstrates what can be done in such a small space. Track is Peco fine-scale with points operated by Peco point motors. The Bachmann fuel point, storage tanks and the amenity building are used, with the rest being scratch build. NCE Power cab is used for control.


The layout is set in 1990 – 1992 which is the Trainload period, all locos are DCC Sound fitted with detailed buffer beams both ends (as there is no stock) and lightly weathered.

00 Gauge.


Blackgang is a modular exhibition layout modelled to a scale of Gauge 3. The layout includes a loco area, open country a small request halt and a viaduct.

34ft x 7ft


Thorncliffe is based on the B.R. Sectorisation period (1988-1992) and set in the Northern suburbs of Sheffield. The station is of a minimalist type showing a reopened line and single platform on the long closed ex GC line between Sheffield and Barnsley. Services are provided by the last of the 1st generation multiple units and the "new" sprinters and these operate under computer control. For the freight side of things the old goods yard is now used by engineers trains for stabling and running round as well as a steel terminal which is served by Trainload Metals and the last of the Speedlink trips to Healey Mills/Tinsley Yard.

00 Gauge

11ft x 12ft


Industrial 7 mm narrow gauge based on a concrete works. Standard gauge siding for deliveries and transporting products out. Narrow gauge within the works for moving materials and finished products within the works.


Hartley Poole is set in Somerset in the years between the end of the Second war and the nationalisation of Britain's railways.

The layout includes a siding which serves the William Thomas Brickworks, passes the Grand Western Canal at the Nynehead boat lift and includes Wellington station with its sidings and goods shed. 

N Gauge

21ft x 4ft

(Photo by Andy York - BRM)


Welby Lane is a OO gauge exhibition model rail layout Based on the Old Dalby and Mickleover test tracks of the RTC division of BR in the 1970's and 80's.

20ft x 2ft


Wolds Way is a fictitious station at the end of a small branch line in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Still lucky enough to have a passenger service to serve the villages in the surrounding area. Most of the freight is seasonal, serving the local farms and farming community.


00 Gauge

10ft x 3ft

Period 1960's


Bedford Road depicts a traction Maintainance Depot somewhere on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border as it might have been in the late 1980's.

The shed is based on the one at Peterborough, the goods warehouse on one at Bedford and the fueling point from Toton.

As originally constructed the layout was analogue controlled but is now DCC with sound in all locomotives.

0 Gauge

13ft x 1ft


Glenellen Castle is a two track continuous circuit with a 10 road storage yard.

The location is set on the West coast of Scotland. A small timber halt and depot siding next to the coastal Loch. A headland castle in a heathland setting together with a viaduct crossing an "Abhainn" (Scottish river, stream or estuary). The castle is built from 6mm foam-board faced with DAS modelling clay, each stone individually scribed, intended as a restored Scottish Heritage site on a headland overlooking a sea Loch.

N Gauge 12ft x 3ft


Obervaz is a fictitious layout based on the operations of the Rhatische Bahn, the largest narrow gauge railway operator in Switzerland.


H0m Narrow gauge

16ft x 3ft


Barden is a fictitious location of a branch line based on the Central/Eastern region of British Rail. The layout consists of a wood yard, coal drops, goods shed, small engine shed and cattle dock which gives rise to endless lco and wagon movements as well as passenger trains to and from the coast.

0 Gauge

26ft x 2ft


Salthaven Quay is a freelance quay imagined to be on the river Haven at Saltfleet in Lincolnshire, serviced by the 2ft 6" gauge Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway. The time is normally set late afternoon in November thus whilst it is dark all the shop ares till open.

O Gauge
14ft x 2ft


Northallerton in North Yorkshire is an N gauge (1:148) representative layout of the post 2000s  privatised network, set in Autumn and constructed by members of the Cleveland Model Railway  Club. 

Northallerton has always been a major junction on the ECML and it remains so this day. Although the track arrangement has gone through various incarnations, we have attempted to represent the track  as it is today. Many local features can be identified on the layout including some of the railway  buildings.

The Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT) hauled by a pair of class  37s, Class 66s and class 60s can be seen hauling steel, coal, containers amongst other freight. Passenger stock includes class 91s, HSTs and Voyagers.


Once upon a time materials for the mill arrived by either barge or came into the sidings by rail.

Both these have now gone and have been replaced by the new diesel shed where maintenance and refueling is carried out.

A succession of diesels fitted with DCC and sound most of which are weathered can be seen on shed.

Occasionally tank wagons are brought in to top up the main storage tanks at the depot.

0 Gauge

16ft X 4ft


Croft Spa is a small wayside station on the East Coast Main Line at the Southern tip of County Durham.  It is unusual for never having had a goods yard- this was because Croft Goods was served by the Stockton & Darlington Railway’s Croft branch which ran parallel at a lower level.  Set in 1960's the station sees the usual diet of expresses, fast freight and the occasional slower goods train.


N Gauge

10ft X 3ft


The layout was built two decades ago and received a major refit in 2012. Since then we have attended several exhibitions in the East Midland and Myton was voted by the public “Best in Show” at Weston on Trent in 2016. Myton is built to 16.5mm gauge, 4mm/ft standards using SMP code75 plain track and handbuilt pointwork. Control is Analogue using an ECM Compspeed.

Rolling stock and scenic items are a mix of kit, scratch built and proprietary items.

00 Gauge

9ft X 3ft


Emsworth makes a welcome return with its slightly altered track layout since its last showing here at Newark.


The layout is set in the 2010s and shows Emsworth Hope Street, a busy commuter station served by Northern Rail semi-fast services from Sheffield and local services from Doncaster and Goole.

Freight traffic you’ll see in the station is running to and from a Ministry of Defence stores depot several miles away along the Doncaster branch. 

00 Gauge.

18ft x 2ft.


H0 Gauge

9ft x 2ft


0 Gauge

24ft x 2ft


009 Gauge

4ft x 2ft


Built by the G.N.R. as a single branch from the East Coast Mainline at Essendine the railway terminated in a 2 platform station at Stamford. The model depicts Stamford East station as it was with the correct track plan including sidings, goods yard and small engine shed.

N Gauge

10ft x 3ft

(Photo by Andy York - BRM)



This layout is 8ft by 2ft and is essentially two layouts on one board, each having its own protected circuit so that a short on one half does not affect the other side.

One one side we have an end to end Thomas based layout which puts the operator in charge of route setting, coupling/uncoupling and of course actually driving the train without crashing into the buffers.

The other side of the layout is an easy shunting puzzle with no age limit but is aimed more at those who already have a train set or older siblings & parents that just want to have a go.

(On the Thomas side of the layout all children will receive a certificate upon completion). 

00 Gauge.


Whether you loved the show or hated it!!


We have secured Team Muddle & Go-Nowhere's James Bond themed layout from the 2nd series of The Great Railway Challenge. 

The semi-final layout is set on the Nene Valley Railway and depicts some of the James Bond movie scenes that were filmed there. It consists of 2 running circuits and a number of sidings. A representation of Wansford station and loco shed is included along with a small river and roadway.


This layout measures 41ft 9in x 14ft 6in, made up of 22, 6ft by 3ft or 2ft 6ins boards made from 12mm exterior ply on 75mm x 25mm battening with occasional variations as can be seen in the canal area.

It is designed to be free standing, so that the viewing public can view on all four sides, the operators all work in the middle.

This fictitious layout is based in the South Yorkshire/North Midland area between 1957/ 1962, allowing us to run both steam and early diesels from the BR Midlands period with visiting stock from the Eastern and Western regions.

00 Gauge.



Spilsby is a rural market town in a predominantly agricultural area of Lincolnshire. It lies on the Southern edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds and North of the Fens.  

The railway station stood on a 4 mile long branch line between Spilsby and Firsby Junction where it connected to the main line between Cleethorpes and London.

The railway was opened in 1868 and from 1890 was operated by the Great Northern Railway. Passenger services were suspended in 1939, at the start of World War II, leaving only a freight service which continued until 1958 when the line was closed.

00 Gauge.



Set in rolling countryside somewhere in central England in the 1950s, Ambleton Vale station is a fictitious terminus at the end of a branch line connecting the village of Ambleton Vale with the county town some 20 miles away.  It has survived in the face of the general decline in rail travel because of a flourishing livestock market on the outskirts of the village, and the nearby Ambleton Vale racecourse.  

N Gauge.

16ft x 6ft



Breydon is imagined to be a small community named after a large expanse of water near Great Yarmouth. Its imaginary location is on a branch line leaving the mainline somewhere between Breydon Junction and Berney Arms station. It is set in the early 50/60's. The back scene has been painted to give the impression of the marshes surrounding the Yarmouth area. 

00 Gauge.

16ft x 5ft



A small N gauge power station layout which can operate trains from the 70's up to the current period.

N Gauge.

8ft x 6ft



N Gauge Continental (Micro Layout)

5ft x 3ft



Appearing in Model Rail Issues March 2020.

N Gauge Modern Image Layout.

8ft x 3ft

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